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Our Statement in support of BLM. 

We are outraged by what is happening to the Black community, and as POC’s, know that it is crucial to stand up and stick together. Unfortunately, this is not the first time an innocent life was taken away at the hands of racism, and we know it won’t be the last time where we must speak out to condemn the actions of so-called “figures of authority.” 

As a team, one of our goals with NUVE is to create a community in which all feel they are able to speak out against injustices. We hope the site and our team has been and will continue to be a place that speaks out and stands in solidarity with our community. We will continue to share ways we can help the movement, but please note that as non-black Latinos, our place is not to justify or express our opinion of how Black people are responding to their oppression. 

Instead, we must also look upon our own Latinx/ Hispanic communities to unlearn and challenge anti-blackness that reinforces and perpetuates white supremacy. Just because something makes you uncomfortable or you think doesn’t affect you, doesn’t mean you must remain silent. Their fight is our fight too. 


We stand in solidarity with the #Blacklivesmatter. We see you. We hear you. We fight with you.


Jessica Cruz-Taylor and Fatima Valerio

Co-Presidents of NUVE 

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