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Volume 1

Issue 1: Nuestras Historias

Nuestras Historias was written to tell our History and not the whitewashed history taught to each and every one of us in a U.S. school. This is our retelling of the events that have defined our community, both in the U.S. and on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

Issue 2: Poderosas

Poderosas was written in celebration of Womxn History Month by underclassmen latine students at U of I. This issue is meant to highlight the triumphs and struggles of many womxn of color who are often times neglected by mainstream media. We also hope to highlight and spread the triumphs of many organizations and individuals on our campus fighting to empower and help marginalized communities.

Issue 3: A Year in COVID-19

As a special issue formatted as a timeline, A Year in COVID-19 offers a unique look at the events that have taken place from 2020 until the present. Here, we hope to remind our readers that stories such as those of our communities are never ending, and though we may endure struggles (even those as unusual as a global pandemic) we can and will always emerge as better members of our community.

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