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Activating Google Apps @ UIUC

If you’re new to UIUC, surely you’ve noticed that the school tends to use Microsoft for your default account. It’s a fairly new change, but if you’d prefer to use Google there’s an easy way to activate Google Apps with your Illinois email address. Your Illinois account is able to link both Google and Microsoft under your net ID so there’s no need to worry about learning new login information with this change!

The UIUC Technology Services’ Google Apps @ Illinois page states that:

“The Google Apps @ Illinois service provides massive functionality to students, faculty, and staff with very little cost to the university. Google offers 30GB of mail storage, or 300x the default quota available to students on the previous Express Mail system. Since many people are already familiar with the Google suite of applications, Google Apps @ Illinois allows students, faculty, and staff to hit the ground running with a familiar set of productivity tools.”

Here’s a step-by step guide to activating Google Apps @ Illinois:

1) Go to the Illinois Cloud Dashboard (linked here for your convenience).

2) Log in to your Illinois Cloud Dashboard by signing in with your Illinois Net ID credentials.

Your screen should look like this once you’ve signed in:

3) Simply switch Google Apps @ Illinois to “On” to activate your Google account. It should look like this once it’s activated:

That’s all there is to it! It’s super simple and now you have access to all Google Apps has to offer. You are still able to use Microsoft while having Google Apps activated.

If you’d like, you could also turn the U of I Box - “a secure cloud-based storage service [with] built-in features [that] allow for files to be easily stored, edited, and shared from any device that has a web browser”* - to “On” to save yourself the trouble of going through this whole process again at a later date.

Now that Google Apps @ UIUC is activated, you can sign in at Hopefully this made the lives of you Google users a lot easier. Share this article to help your friends!



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