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Hispanic Heritage Month

¡Bienvenidos al Mes de la Herencia Hispana!

Hispanic Heritage Month is an entire month dedicated to celebrate the people of Hispanic origin within the United States. This includes the histories, cultures and achievements of Hispanic people. The month begins September 15th and lasts until October 15th. This observation was created in 1968 under the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson during which Hispanic Heritage was celebrated for one week. On August 17th, 1988; President Ronald Reagan enacted into law that this celebration was to last for an entire month instead.*

The term ‘Hispanic’ refers to people who are from - or are descendants of those from - a Spanish-speaking country. This includes many Latin American countries and Spain. It is important to keep in mind that not all Latin American countries are included under the term ‘Hispanic’.

During this 30-day observance, seven countries celebrate their independence. Independence day is a very significant and well-celebrated day for many as it marks their nation's independence from colonial power. In many countries, people will throw parties, attend parades, make food, listen to mariachis and much more.

On the first day, the 15th of September, the countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua celebrate their independence. The following day, on September 16th, Mexico celebrates their independence. On September 18th, Chile celebrates their independence.

On the second Monday in October, Indigenous People’s Day - or Día de la Raza - is celebrated. This celebration occurs on the same day that many other people know as Columbus Day.** Indigenous People’s Day celebrates Native American people by honoring their history and culture. This celebration began in the 20th century with each country honoring this day in different ways.

There is much to celebrate during this month! Hispanics have contributed greatly and should be honored. Look out for future articles during Hispanic Heritage month to learn more about the history, culture, accomplishments and much more of Hispanic people.


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