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U.S. Demographics

The United States (US) is comprised of approximately 57 million Latinx or Hispanic people making up 16.7 % of the population and the second largest ethnic group.***** The largest population resides in Los Angeles, California.**** About 27% are from California, with Texas holding the second largest population, then Florida and New York.* Over 60% of the Latinx/ Hispanic population is of Mexican descent making them the largest group within the US. Puerto Ricans are the second largest group following Mexicans and the third largest are Cubans.* Other Latinx/ Hispanic populations include Dominicans, Central Americans (excluding Mexicans), and South Americans.

According to the Census Bureau, the Latinx/Hispanic population is among the least educated ethnic group within the US. As of 2017, about 16% of the Latinx/ Hispanic population has earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, 25% has earned a two-year degree, and 59% has obtained a high school diploma or less.**

There are higher rates of poverty and income within the community. The average household income is $42,500 a year. Construction and agriculture are the largest industries that Latinx/ Hispanic people are employed in but they serve important roles in other industries as well.***

The results for the 2020 US Census will be released by next year which will give a better overview of the Latinx/ Hispanic demographics. These statistics will help determine the amount of funding, services, products, and support for the communities within the US.

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