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Voting Resources 2020

Voting is important at every level of government, from appointing local Aldermans to federal positions like the President of the United States. If you are able to, voting is a civic duty that you cannot ignore. If you have the ability to vote, you have the responsibility to vote. We know it can be intimidating to vote, especially if this is your first time doing so. So here we have put together a list of resources that can help you understand your registration status, voting guides, and the answer to some questions you may have.

Ballot Ready is a great site that allows you to put in your address, and will then tell you what exactly is on the ballot in your area. Once you understand what is on the ballot, the site gives you the option to click on each person and see where they stand on certain issues. The issues range from the economy, immigration, gun reform, and criminal justice. The site even allows you to choose and add candidates to a virtual ballot, which you can take with you when you vote to ensure you are voting for who you want to vote for. 

The Campus Voting Project can give you information about voting that differs in different states. It will give you registration deadlines, what you need to register, voting locations and how to do it, and answers frequently asked questions that you may have. This guide can also be printed, so you can have the information on hand before you vote, ensuring that you are properly registered.

RISE is a student-led non-profit that is very similar to Ballot Ready. The home page of RISE allows you to enter your information to ensure that you are properly registered to vote. If not, the site gives you resources so that you can register in your area. If already registered, the site will lead you to the same site as Ballot Ready, where you can see the specific views of each candidate, at the local and federal level, and add them to a virtual ballot.

I Will Vote is another civic engine that allows you to check if you are properly registered to vote. Once you put in your information, it gives you a clear and comprehensive view of your registration status, your polling place and early voting location, and even tells you what district, precinct, and region you are located. If you are properly registered, this site allows you to make a voting plan, and even has a tab with further information about voting and registering.

Latino Victory is an organization composed of three parts: Latino Victory Fund, Latino Victory Foundation, and Latino Victory Project. Founded by Eva Longoria, the organization focuses on making sure the Latino Voice is heard in US politics by supporting Latinx candidates and empowering Latinx voters. They also have a voting guide on their website, a comprehensive guide to who they have endorsed and why, as well as a registration guide organized by state.

The Latino Policy Forum is an organization dedicated to empowering Latinx voices by building the influence of Latinx leaders in administrative positions. It is based in the Chicagoland area, and has policy information, registration and voting information, as well as Census 2020 information that would be useful to everyone.

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